ACI Medicine’s Approach

​Genetic factors are viewed by our team as the blueprints for possible adverse outcomes. Interventions target modifiable factors that regulate genes. In some cases we will complete a cutting edge microbiome analysis and genomic profile, which will help us choose species specific to disease.

Hormone health consists of creating a delicate balance of all organ systems. The clinicians at ACI Medicine have a decade of experience in understanding the relationship between the hormones and how to treat them in the most successful way. Our unique philosphy combines traditional standards of care for diagnostics along with a fresh integrative approach to treatments.

Lifestyle is defined by beliefs and habits like exercise, smoking, alcohol use, employment demands, external stressors, environmental risks, and sleep habits. Obviously some of the stressors are not easily modified. It takes a dedicated approach to help work with people who have complex situations. Our clinicians spend time getting to know you and treatments are tailored to each individuals unique circumstances.

Toxic burden refers to the amount of toxins within the body from exposers or impaired elimination by the body. Impaired elimination can occur when there is gastrointestional imbalances, liver disease, renal disfunction, or simply a cumulative toxic exposure excess that overwhelmes the system. Specialty testing, which may not be offered by traditional medical providers, is used to identify hidden burdens that manifest disease. Treatments are guided based on the findings of such testing.

Infectous organisms have been shown to enter and sometimes remain in bodies and cause on going health conditions. Viruses, fungus, parasites, and bacteria need to be identified if they are the root of the symptoms and disease. Management may be ongoing and require a dynamic approach to manage.

Awareness of prior treaments assists us to identify ongoing needs, chronic health conditions, and new needs that may result from other treatments. Examples are medications having side effects or surgeries that may interfere with the body’s ability to function correctly. We also want to know who your current health care provider is so that we can work in unity.

Nutrition and exercise are possibly the two most important areas that must be addressed in order to achieve positive health care outcomes. We use testing to plan appropriate nutrition plans that match genetics, risk factors, intolerances, deficiencies, and caloric requirements. Exercise planning depends on the findings of genetic analysis, health issues, adrenal health, and other metabolic measurements. In other words, using science to guide exercise planning. We feel a health care provider should be available to assist fitness goals. Imagine your health is like your home. The time to repair the roof when the sun is shining.